Rent Truss + Rigging / Rigger: Milan Rome Paris Cannes Barcelona Madrid Lisbon Amsterdam Stockholm Romania

10 Minute Av. Response Time

From Triangle / Pyramid Truss, James Thomas Engineering, Tomcat, Total Structures, and Milos Trussing Manufacturers, we carry the most complete truss rental options you can find in Europe and Asia. Our set and stage design, engineering, and construction team can support your motion picture filming and show production needs 24h a day 7 days a week.

Our expert riggers can also provide creative and innovative rigging solutions. So contact us with your requirements.


10 Minute Average Response Time

What else do you need?

AV Rental & Engineers

From 4k motion picture cameras and mics (more) to amoled SUHD displays and LED video walls, your professional needs are covered. We also rent the latest controllers, processors, switchers, scalers, and multiple GPU high end video editing workstations..

Trussing & Set Construction

From rigging, low profile truss & scaffolding (more) to set / stage construction, our truss rentals and set stage construction engineers got you covered. If your needs are higher level, we can refer you to our clients who happen to be award winning set and stage designers.

Lighting, Generators, Grip

From LED, tungsten, follow spots, moving (more) gobo, and discharge lights to all the tripods, sliders, cranes, jibs you need for a professional production, we're ready to support you. Our 2000w Mobile Movie Super Silent Electricity Generators will power it all.